Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker (R) gutted $250 million from the state education budget, but he’s willing to spend $250 million in public funds on a new arena for the NBA’s Milwaukee Bucks, reported ThinkProgress. This plan is likely related to the fact that the Bucks’ owner, Jon Hammes, donated $150,000 to Walker’s super PAC.

Most of the population is against Walker’s plan to utilize public funds to build a basketball arena for a less-than-average NBA franchise. Even if the team won, it’s still an awful idea. In addition, Koch-backed groups are also agreeing that Walker is being an idiot.

“Government shouldn’t be in the business of financing private sports stadiums,” said Americans for Prosperity Wisconsin. “The current deal is based on fuzzy math, complicated accounting, and millions of taxpayer dollars. Whether it comes from the state, the county, the city or other authority, these are taxpayer dollars. Any presidential candidate who believes the taxpayer-subsidized stadiums are ‘a good deal’ shouldn’t be anywhere near the federal Treasury.”

Other than Hammes giving $150,000 to Walker’s super PAC, he’s also consistently given money to Walker’s past campaigns. He was named Walker’s national finance co-chairman. Ted Kellner, Bucks co-owner with Hammes, donated $50,000 to Walker’s super PAC.

It’s no coincidence that Walker cut $250 million from education and plans to use that exact amount on a basketball arena. He merely shifted the funds around. The arena is not meant for the people of Wisconsin. The new arena is Walker’s own, personal shrine to NBA mediocrity and conservative greed.