The Japanese parliament is looking to pass a piece of war legislation in order to amass troops to fight ISIS, reported CBS News. The move has caused thousands of Japanese citizens to protest the bill and is the first military action in the country since World War II.

Last month, the parliament’s lower house passed legislation that allows the Self Defense Force to engage in combat for the first time since the 1940s. The parliament’s upper house is debating the legislation and is expected to pass it late in September. However, tens of thousands of protesters rallied outside parliament to oppose the legislation.

Protesters gathered outside the parliament building and chanted “no to war legislation!” “Scrap the bills now!” and “Abe, quit!” referring to Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe.

The Japanese government began exploring possible military action against ISIS after the radical group captured and executed a Japanese man earlier this year. Abe said the legislation is unpopular but “is a challenge that we must take.”