The infamous “affluenza” teen, Ethan Couch, racked up a massive bill at a Mexican strip club before being arrested for violating his probation and fleeing the country. Couch, while evading arrest with his mother in Mexico, visited strip clubs and, when he couldn’t settle his bill, had to have his mother pay.

“It is our policy to escort the man back to his hotel or to an ATM machine to get our money if they don’t have it with them,” the manager, Eduardo Dudinez, of Harem, the strip club where Couch accumulated his bill, told the the Daily Mail.

According to Dudinez, Couch’s bill totaled more than $2,100.

“He had drunk a lot,” he said. “He could hardly walk.”

Couch was on probation after having killed four people while driving drunk two years ago. At the time, Couch’s defense had a psychologist testify that Couch’s culpability for his actions was diminished because his parents never taught him right from wrong and had protected him from the consequences of what he did with their wealth.

Couch received a sentence of 10 years probation for his crime.

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