Demons. Demons. Demons. It has to be demons that are protecting Planned Parenthood and wanting to see the destruction of the moral fiber of our country. According to GOP lawmaker Gordon Klingenschmitt, the “demonic spirit of murder” is to blame for Planned Parenthood’s continued funding.

“Did you know there is also a spiritual world that is influencing these key players?” he said. “When the evil spirit, the spirit of Satan, influences people to sin and the people humanly choose sin, they’re listening to and cooperating with and collaborating with and contracting with that evil spirit who gets inside of them and becomes manifest through their behavior.”

“So you see the invisible spirits, the Holy Spirit of God and his angels and the demonic spirits are speaking to each of these human actors in this scenario,” Kilngenschmitt said, “and we can discern, for example, upon those who promote a pro-abortion agenda, the demonic spirit of murder who is influencing them and forcing us, as taxpayers, to collaborate with them to fund the killing of innocent children and that is wrong and that is evil and that is demonic.”