The stories that we cover on America’s Lawyer on RT America are stories that the corporate-controlled media refuses to talk about. They can’t talk about these stories because the same companies that are facing massive lawsuits for deceiving their customers are the ones that outlets like Fox, NBC, CBS, and ABC all depend on for advertising revenue.

On RT America, we don’t have corporate shareholders, we don’t take money from corrupt corporate advertisers, and therefore we can tell you the whole story.  And many of the issues we discuss were brought to light by whistleblowers who spoke out and went public with information. They fought against the corporate machine, and their voices have helped millions of people.

And that’s why we want to hear from you – we want to know your story. If you have an issue that you want us to cover, please let us know. It can be a personal story, an overlooked news item that the corporate media isn’t talking about, or even corporate conduct that you’ve witnessed that you’d like to blow the whistle on. This show is YOUR voice, and we want to hear from you.

You can send your stories to us at, or you can call our toll free hotline at 1-866-666-6114 and we will get back with you.