In case you haven’t seen it yet, Alec Baldwin had a great post yesterday over at The Huffington Post, where he talks about how much he admires Ring of Fire’s own Bobby Kennedy, Jr. Here’s a brief snippet:

To hear Bobby Kennedy speak about issues that are important to him is to hear one of the most saliently powerful political minds in this country at work. No one, anywhere I have traveled in pursuit of understanding issues as significant environmental protection, is as effective as Bobby. His breadth of knowledge, passion and poise never cease to inform and inspire his audiences. I’ve seen Bobby give the keynote speech at the Banff event many times and I am always moved and motivated by his great mind and heart. I’m sorry I missed the Globes, but I’m glad I did not miss RFK Jr., a man who deserves an important place in the political life of this country not because of his family’s name, but because he embodies the very best of what that name stands for.

Bobby Kennedy Jr. will debate the CEO of Massey coal, Don Blankenship, about the destructive effects of coal production and consumption, on Thursday, January 21st (tomorrow) at 6:15 pm, eastern, from the University of Charleston, West Virginia. The program will be carried online at, as well as by other local media. You can visit for more information.

The full piece can be found here. And don’t forget to watch Bobby debate Don Blankenship tonight! Links to the coverage can be found in Baldwin’s piece.